Xi’an, located in central-northwest China, records China’s great changes like a living history book. Called Chang'an (literally “Perpetual
Peace”) in ancient times, Xi’an is one of the birthplaces of the ancient Chinese civilization in the Yellow River basin area.
As the eastern terminus of the Silk Road and the home of the famous terracotta warriors, which were made during the Qin Dynasty,
Xi’an has won a reputation all over the world.

More than 3,000 years of history, including over 1,100 years as the capital city of some of the most important dynasties in Chinese
history, have endowed Xi’an with an enchanting personality. Xi’an is noted for numerous historical sites, and cultural relics,
in and around the city; like the mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang and his terracotta army, sacrificial temples from the Han era,
numerous Tang-Dynasty pagodas and a “stele forest” which is housed in an 11th-century Confucian temple containing
large stone tablets from various dynasties. With so many things to see, Xi’an is truly a fantastic place
for visitors to broaden their knowledge of Chinese civilization. Back to Destinations List