Why Our Summer Program?

MasterChina is not unique in offering a range of intensive Mandarin courses delivered in China, but we do believe that our courses are
differentiated in a number of ways.

Firstly we know that students traveling to China want to make most productive use of their time. This is why, for beginners, MasterChina
includes one month of all-inclusive online study for every participate before they travel; so that we can cover basic concepts ahead of your
precious time in China. This also allows us to get to know each other. Secondly, as outlined in the “about us” and “Online Study” sections, we
believe our unique teaching method gives you the edge in rapidly developing your practical communication skills. Thirdly, we aim to provide a
well-rounded program integrating intensive study (language course ans cultural lectures) with a range of fun activities coupled with the
chance to explore, and enjoy, one of the world’s most exciting cities.

Finally, but crucially, we take care of you while you are in China; our teaching is delivered in a safe environment and the welfare of all of our
students while they are visitors to our home is out up most concern. This is why we provide a 24 hour English helpline and why we will always
be available to address any of your concerns during your time in China.


We prepare comfortable, convenient and safe accommodation for program participants. Our summer holiday programs are usually
delivered at a university campus in Shanghai, and course participants normally stay in the university’s modern, purpose built,
international student accommodation. Despite Shanghai being one of the most populous cities in the world downtown, it is actually quite compact,
with the university is conveniently located close to the city centre; which now rivals any city in the world in terms of the range of
recreational activities on offer. Besides the convenient location, close to public transportation,
all private rooms provide the following amenities:

If students would rather stay in alternate accommodation (i.e. hotel) that can be arranged to meet attendee’s specific requirements.


Unlike other language schools, and most university programs, our “out of the classroom” activities focus on meeting
Chinese people, especially the younger generation who are outwards looking and progressive. We also arrange for course attendees
to experience the innovative business culture of modern China by visiting, and talking with employees, of local businesses
epitomizing the rapid growth and innovation helping to drive China’s economy.

Activities included in the summer program (exact content depends on course duration) are:
For attendants of our “Study and Travel Program”, we arrange transportation and accommodation in two, or three, historic
destinations around China (typically Beijing, Xi’An, Chengdu) accompanied by a guide and language teacher. The destinations are
chosen to help gain an even deeper understanding of China. Based on our previous experience, attendants improve both their
Mandarin speaking skills as well as their appreciation of China during their journey.
Details of all destinations are listed in the “Cultural Journey” section.