Training Management

We fully understand that all students’ want to be able to express themselves freely, in any situation they encounter. From the outset, the
founder designed MasterChina’s operations to be customer-centric, and continually focusing on developing practical communication skill
is our highest priority. For example, customization around the core syllabus, to reflect each students’ unique needs, is standard practice
for MasterChina. This has helped our institute develop a varied and loyal client base ranging from university professors and multinational
executives to undergraduate students and private individuals of all ages. The excellence of our Mandarin program and administration was
recognized a decade ago by the German Industry and Commerce Chamber and, to this day, MasterChina remains the sole
provider to its member companies in Shanghai.

Training Approach

Traditional Mandarin instruction tends to focus on memorizing countless subject specific dialogues and sentences, while paying little
attention to equipping students with the ability to quickly adapt and combine their knowledge in a new context. However, in MasterChina’s
innovative approach, we break down and explain both the way Chinese people think and the rules of the language, with reflect that
thinking, from the very start. In this way, by integrated speaking, listening, reading and writing study and practice, students can
both quickly and thoroughly understand Chinese grammar and hence immediately start to create their own precise expressions.

Unlike traditional online video and audio classes, our online-study program stresses constant interaction as the key to rapid progress.
Students keep close contact with their personal teacher, and practice partners, to ensure not only that they have understood each new
lesson but also to ensure that they can combine their new and existing knowledge effectively.

One visible sign of the effectiveness of our system is that, after fifty to one hundred hours of study, 90% of beginners achieve the top
excellent grade in levels 1 and level 2 of China’s officially recognized language proficiency exam (HSK). This achievement
usually takes one year of study in universities.

Training Material

MasterChina creates its own study materials, and syllabus, which are designed to quickly build students’ ability to communicate.
Our instruction covers basic to advanced level speaking, listening, reading and writing. We know our students have different aims, so we
are used to tailoring our programs for those interested in daily communication, business Chinese (including industry specific vocabulary)
and preparation for Mandarin proficiency exams (i.e. extra emphasis put on exam technique to speed up preparation effectiveness).

Our general teaching material presents the most essential, and hence useful, part of the language taught using a syllabus making use of
everyday situations as a backdrop for learning new grammar and vocabulary in an interesting, and engaging, way. In addition, this
approach has the added advantage that it allows students to begin to use their conversational Mandarin quickly and usefully.
Our professional editing team regularly review our range of teaching contexts, both adding and
modifying existing contexts to stay current with new trends and vocabulary. We are also proud to say that many of the contexts are
suggested by our students, demonstrating our commitment to a student led approach.

The teaching contexts used to deliver our syllabus are contained in our own series of textbooks called Communication Chinese,
written by MasterChina’s founder and head teacher. In comparison with other Chinese language textbooks, Communication Chinese
has proven itself more practical because it combines an academic, yet concise, understanding of grammar and syntax with
practical topics, local expressions and insightful explanations.

Quality Control

MasterChina has a strong commitment to quality control, and constant improvement, based on student feedback. From the moment
students register, until their last class, all programs are carefully monitored by our own quality control systems, including standard
practice paper and regular tests. For example, although our online-study program empowers students to study at their own pace
(towards their own specific objectives), we cover an individual syllabus as that in our academy, allowing standardized assessment
of progress. Our teachers keep watch over each student via close daily communication.

All courses, including in-school and online, are delivered only by professional local Chinese teachers. All teachers must have graduated
in either Chinese Literature, teaching Chinese as a foreign language or education with a minimum of a semi colon degree level; however several
of our teachers are PhD qualified. In additional fluent English is obviously a must as is ongoing,
training in our unique teaching methodology.
All students can also send their suggestions/feedback via Contact US. All suggestions and comments from students,
and prospective clients, will receive a quick response from our management team.