Additional Services for MasterChina Clients

Free Travel Advice

MasterChina currently organizes tailored travel package for participants of our summer holiday programs. MasterChina, in association
with travel professionals, organize all logistics, local guides, catering, transportation and accommodation as well as
Mandarin teachers who travel with each group to both continue their instruction and encourage participants to communicate with locals,
thus “acid testing” their communication skills.

For the wider community of MasterChina clients (who have, or are, participating in one of our paid programs), we offer, at no charge,
to help plan an exciting Chinese travel itinerary based on their desired budget, travel duration and specific interests. Our goal is for our
customers to experience the best of China during a relaxed and stress-free trip. After agreeing an itinerary, MasterChina will optionally,
and under no obligation, work with reputable local travel agents to provide a fully tailored package price; including all hotel reservations,
ground transportation and if desired English speaking local guides; as well as providing 24-hour call support, in English, for the duration
of the trip for all clients. By partnering with reputable local travel agents, we are able to provide very competitive rates.

Please feel free to get in-touch at, and we will be more than happy to try and accommodate you; including
accommodating any special requirements not covered here.

Suggested Destinations

MasterChina has specially chosen destinations which are excellent representation of China.
To travel between destinations, we normally recommend our clients to use China’s modern and comfortable high speed train network;
however it is also possible to organize internal flights.

In addition to these “core” recommendations, MasterChina can organize travel to any other location in China in which you are interested.
  • Beijing, the heart and soul and political center of China, with a 3,000-year history... more
  • Shanghai, the largest centre of commerce and finance in mainland China... more
  • Xi’an, the eastern terminus of the Silk Road and the home of the famous terracotta warriors made in 220 BC... more
  • Chengdu, the habitat of giant pandas and the capital of the “Heavenly State”... more
  • Hangzhou, one of the most renowned and prosperous cities in China for much of the last 1,000 years... more
  • Qiandao Lake, China’s largest national park named because of its 1,078 scattered isles ... more
  • Mount Huangshan, the inspiration for James Cameron’s alien landscape in the film Avatar ... more
  • Xitang, a living ancient water town with more than 1,000 years of history... more