Qiandao Lake ( Thousand Islets Lake )

Located in the upper reaches of the Qiantangjiang River, Qiandao Lake is a scenic destination. Qiandao Lake is so named because
there are 1,078 scattered isles within it. The lake area features an enchanting landscape with verdurous mountains,
crystal-clear waters, exotic caves and a fine ecological environment.

As China’s largest national park, 81% of Qiandao Lake’s area is covered by forest. The scenic area can be divided into six sections on
the basis of geographical location, each possessing their own unique and striking landscapes which vary dramatically in each season.

There are many places of historic interest and relics to be found around the lake, for example, the hometown of Sunquan, who was
the king of Wu during the period of the Three Kingdoms (220-265 AD), as well as the Fuyang Longmen ancient town,
where Sunquan’s descendants gathered.

Qiandao Lake abounds with fish and is surrounded by tea, mulberry (the food of the silkworm) and other fruit trees. A multitude of
activates are also available on the lake. In addition to enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery, visitors should sample the distinctive
local cuisine as well as shopping for specialty products, such as ink stones, hemp embroideries and pearl products. Back to Destinations List