Program Operation

MasterChina recognizes that people have different motivations for studying Chinese culture, ranging from pure curiosity to a simple desire
to get a piece of business done. As such, please contact us to discuss your specific needs and we will happily, and with no
obligation, propose a tailored program for you.

Here we outline typical program options for those visiting Shanghai, or those who wish to study on-line.

In Classroom

During a typical short program in our academy we invite professors from well-known universities to give lectures covering each of the
three pillars outlined. Each lecture, with ample time for questions and interaction, typically takes around half a day. MasterChina runs
programs based on demand, so any section can be expanded into a longer bespoke course based on your preference and objectives.

For those with most interest in Chinese business culture, it is possible to focus exclusively on this module and MasterChina can also
introduce you to experienced local expats, and local Chinese managers with long experience of working with Westerners, who can
pass on their experience and tips in a free-flowing exchange.

Please also look at our activities and tours section in “Summer Holiday Program” and “Chinese Culture Journey” to see a range of
cultural experiences we can deliver to supplement your instruction.

Online Study

MasterChina can deliver essentially the same program as outlined above over the Internet.
We have pre-recorded lecture material, covering each of our three pillars, as well as supplemental study material.
After digesting this material you can interact with MasterChina though social media tools, meaning you are free
to raise questions to our experts. You will also become a member of our community of cultural students.
Here you can share opinions, and seek advice, from others interested in all aspects of Chinese culture (moderated
by MasterChina). Our team will also post a regular English newsletter showing the principles taught in
the lectures in action.