Online Program for Organizations

Whether you are an academic institution, a business, a club or a social enterprise, we are always eager to tailor a suitable training
program for your organization. In the past decade, we have taught students from 40 countries. 20% are international students who
attended one of our summer holiday programs in Shanghai. The remaining 80% are expats, their family members, and students based
in China. Our students come from many backgrounds including education, government, manufacturing, healthcare, legal, consulting,
tourism, charity and engineering, so the chances are we have already provided courses for people with
a similar background to your own organization’s members.

The excellence of our Mandarin program,and administration,was recognized almost a decade ago by the German Industry and
Commerce Chamber( Shanghai )and , to this day, MasterChina remains the sole provider to its member companies;
which includes several household names.

Benefits Provided by Our Online Program

All of the benefits of our online program for individuals translates directly into benefits for organizations, however in addition,
the following benefits are relevant for organizations.

Customized Scheme & Systematic Syllabus

Organizations’learning requirements vary based on their context, for example, in passing a specific qualification, training staff to
deal with a specific context where Mandarin proficiency would be an advantage, or simply motivating their staff by allowing them to
develop a useful skill while at work. Over the past decade, MasterChina has built up rich experience in creating customized programs
for thousands of students to achieve their many aims, be they academic or in terms of developing practical communication skills.

One visible sign of the effectiveness of our system is that, after 50 to 100 hours of study, 90% of beginners achieve the top excellent
grade in levels 1 and 2 of China’s officially recognized language proficiency exam (HSK). This achievement
usually takes one year full time study in a university.

Individuals are typically interested in learning to communicate in a broad variety of commonly encountered situations. However, for
organizations, after this foundation has been achieved, we can then provide customized training based on a given industry’s specific
vocabulary, phrases and expressions. This can be taught using specifically developed role play scenarios reflecting real situations
students may encounter. As a very specific example a hotel reception checks in Chinese guests with limited, or no English. Over the
past decade we have developed this approach for many industries, for example marketing, finance, HR, healthcare, tourism and legal.
Students tend to be very highly motivated as they can see the direct application of their new knowledge in their daily work.

Academic Instruction from Teachers
& Interactivity Anytime Anywhere

Unlike traditional online video and audio classes, our academic instruction is directly delivered to each learner’s personal account.
Using smartphone, tablet or PC, learners can receive comprehensive study materials, including speaking, listening, reading and writing,
that are edited by professional teachers.

Our online course is very flexible so that learning and practice can readily fit around student’s/employee’s study/work commitments.
For example, teacher’s instruction is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year and we can tailor our one to one practice sessions by
breaking them into bite size chunks of 20 minutes duration, so that they can be taken at lunchtime.

Practical Communication Skills
& Cultural understanding

Unlike traditional Mandarin teaching, we believe that fluent communication is more readily achieved by understanding the logic of
native speakers’ thinking, which is shaped by China’s unique culture. Thus,each Mandarin course in MasterChina not only teaches
points of grammar, and vocabulary, but also integrates relevant cultural insights to speed up understanding and improve students rate
of retention. This is particularly of interest to organizations as doing business in China is easier with an understanding of
modern Chinese culture, and the way it shapes individual’s attitudes and behaviors at work.

Besides specific cultural lectures (for example Chinese business culture), cultural study is intentionally merged into our
teaching material; covering topics as diverse as lifestyle, philosophy, social relationships and the economy. Our professional
editing team regularly review and update our range of teaching contexts, to stay current with new trends and vocabulary;
which are an expression of modern Chinese culture.

To help all students to “Master China”, we also like to use topical news stories in our teaching, to simultaneously deliver
cultural insights, while also forming part of each student’s language study.As China is rapidly developing, we hope to share knowledge
about the latest changes in China; without judgment,as to whether the developments are positive or negative.

Assessment & Quality Control

As outlined in the benefits of our online course for individuals, we believe in the use of our own standardized tests to allow students
(and organizations) to measure their progress. However, we also encourage students to apply for Mandarin proficiency exams that are
organized by the Chinese government, or their home countries. For example, the HSK is the Chinese officially approved Mandarin
examination accepted as an indicator of proficiency by many Chinese (and global) universities and multinational companies.
Some nations have set up their own Mandarin proficiency exams, like the AP test in US and the Mandarin GCSE in UK. With our help,
our students can usually quickly achieve the necessary level of proficiency, as in addition to our excellent academic teaching, we are
able to provide extra emphasis on exam technique to speed up preparation effectiveness.

MasterChina has a strong commitment to quality control in all courses, and constant improvement. From the moment students register,
until their last class, all programs are carefully monitored by our own quality control systems. For example, we regular invite students to
give feedback about their training and ensure consistent levels of proficiency are achieved
by students studying in Shanghai, and using our online program.

Operation Procedure

1) Organizations will tend to have specific training needs. Please contact us directly at with a brief outline
    of your requirements. It will be our pleasure to tailor a course for your organization.

2) To fully understand your organization’s aims and any constraints, we need to talk directly to the person who is in charge of
    the study program. If organization members have various Mandarin competency levels, we will need to offer multiple courses
    and classes. After the initial email contact, we will arrange a mutually convenient time to hold this discussion.

3) Based on our discussion, we will propose a comprehensive study plan to explain our ideas on how best to meet
    your organizations objectives.

4) After you approve the study plan, we arrange (typically) one month free trail class for all group members, usually
    including listening, speaking, reading and writing instruction and practice. For very large groups, we may propose a pilot with
    a smaller group to still allow you to fully assess our offering.
5) If you think our operation, works well for your members, we will make any necessary modifications based on the trial
    before starting the program in earnest.

6) Your program formally starts until we receive payment. Due to the vast amount of customization options pricing will tend to
    be bespoke and this will be agreed in principle ahead of the trial and updated if changes are needed, or requested, after
    the trial. All program members will receive customized study materials in their personal account before their first class.

7) As for individual students, all members will receive regular standardized tests during theirstudy program. At the end of a
   stage, each student should attend one comprehensive test. Overall training statistics will be provided to the person
   responsible for overseeing the training in your organization (if requested).

8) Depending on the nature of the training (i.e. fixed duration) at the end of this period, we will be happy to discuss how we
    can further develop your members language/cultural competency.