Our Programs

The MasterChina Chinese Language and Cultural Institute was founded in Shanghai in 2005, and since then it has been delivering
its signature “Master China” language and cultural instruction programs; allowing participants to discover the real China for themselves.
By breaking away from the traditional constant repetition, MasterChina has created its own unique training system,
and methodology, to improve the efficiency of students’ study and help rapidly develop their practical communication skills.

Mandarin Program

The most crucial step to understanding China is to gain a command of its most
commonly used language, Mandarin. MasterChina’s Mandarin training stands out from
competing programs, thanks to its highly effective teaching methodology which has
been proven and honed over the past decade. Using our unique approach, students
from over 40 countries are moving towards, or have already achieved,
their Mandarin language goals.

Chinese Cultural Program

MasterChina’s Chinese cultural program introduces Chinese history and customs, explains how modern Chinese society is rooted in
China’s past and helps to demystify local business culture. We teach program participants that Chinese and Westerners think and
express themselves quite differently, placing emphasis on points which one, without cultural training, may find strange or even
irrelevant. Through MasterChina’s training, students learn how to reconcile these differences (even when using a translator) and
hence how be more effective in everyday interactions in China; including business negotiations.

Online Study Program

For the past decade, MasterChina has focused on delivering our programs in both our dedicated institute and in students’ own
homes/places of work in the Shanghai area. We are now extending our language program into the online domain, leveraging the rich
communication possibilities now afforded by the Internet, combined with our well-established operations and professional
teaching staff, to deliver the same teaching system to a global audience.
Using a computer, tablet or mobile phone, students can easily participate in grammar or Chinese character classes, practise their
listening and speaking skills, access our extensive vocabulary bank or study our rich media resources. Using social media tools,
our professional teachers give continuous support to students, anytime and anywhere.