Our Operation

Whether you are total beginner, already have some basic Mandarin knowledge or prefer to study towards tightly defined
goals (for example HSK exam pass), we can create a specific course just for you. Despite all journeys eventually leading to the same
destination (i.e. fluency), we recognize that each student may want to achieve specific objectives, on the longer journey, as quickly as
possible. During the MasterChina induction process, simply tell us your goals or explain your previous frustrations in trying to learn
Mandarin, and you will receive a personalized solution proposal.

If you are a prospective business customer, or educational institute, we can happily tailor a teaching package to meet your specific
business, or academic needs. This can even include different trial options to allow us to share our academic experience.

How to start ?

MasterChina is passionate about providing the best possible learning experience, as well as the most effective study.
To demonstrate our commitment to this goal, we are happy to offer every prospective student a one-month free trial. Included in that
trial is your initial assessment and full access to learning materials; appropriate to your level.

If you do decide to join us (and we hope you do!), we operate a simple subscription model with a flat monthly price; irrespective of
your level. Even after providing you a whole month to evaluate our service, there are no lock-in periods for your subscription, and you

are free to leave at any time. Every student’s course is tailored to meet his, or her, specific needs at no additional cost.
For corporate customers, we can also include training in Chinese business culture as part of your package.
Unlike some other providers, we have no different subscription packages, with content or interactivity restrictions, as we believe you
can only make real progress with a readily available professional teacher, a systematic curriculum and the chance to
regularly practice what you have learned.

What is included?

All students are assigned to a class lead by a dedicated
professional teacher (or teachers since we operate 7 days
a week, 16 hours a day). We cater for those with no
experience through to advanced level students.

All of the material you need to progress through our syllabus is tailored,
as needed, for you and delivered through our
own APP (customized study plan).

Unlimited interaction with your teacher (and classmates) via
social media tools, which support written, voice and video
interactivity. Your teacher is available 16 hours a day to
you and your classmates.

Regular homework and assessment of your progress (yes even
dreaded tests!). The faster you are able to demonstrate your progress
the faster we will send you more to study!

Before a student can progress to the next stage, we follow
the same assessment approach as in our academy.
That means listening, reading, grammar and speaking skills are
all assessed to holistically test students’ practical
communication skills.

Total 1 hour per week of one on one (or small group at your discretion)
practice time, divisible (if required) into shorter slots to ease scheduling.

Sessions are available any time between 8am and 9pm China local time
(seven days a week) but, must be scheduled
one week in advance via your teacher.

Unique Principles

Despite offering a unique tailored course for every student, we enforce no commitments beyond each pre-paid monthly subscription.
We strongly advise you to use the one month long free trial we offer to determine for yourself if our program suits
both your learning style and personal schedule, before making any commitment.

Although we are good at helping students to develop communication skill or achieve academic objective soon, our approach is not
well suited for younger children. Because we use a logical approach to breaking down the language which needs a certain level of
academic maturity to fully appreciate. While we set no formal lower age limit, generally we would recommend 13 as the youngest age
which can benefit from our system. That said, if you feel you are ready, please get in touch and we will
discuss together how best to proceed.

If you want to make the same kind of progress in three months as one year of typical school study, you will enjoy our effective training.
However, our system is not magic! Learning any new language is difficult so you need to be ready to dedicate several hours of study
each week to make such rapid progress. If you cannot make this commitment, then we ask you to
think carefully before undertaking your free trial to .
We don’t offer complicated packages, with restricted content, or flash sales, so there is no better time to get started than today.
All our efforts are to enhance your Mandarin knowledge; we are a business, but at our heart we are educators. Every MasterChina
student is a member of our community, not just a subscriber. Our key concern is that you are
making the progress you want and, based on your efforts, deserve.
Sign up now for your free, no obligation, one month long trial:
including 4 hours of one on one practice and unlimited interaction with your dedicated professional teacher.