Online Study for Individuals

Unlike in the past, as a prospective Mandarin student, you can now readily find Chinese teachers,practice partners, tuition APPS and
have access to endless study resources via the Internet; irrespective of your location and schedule constraints. However even if the
resources are free, learning a new language is a significant commitment of time, and as such how best to decide which teacher
to select, and which resources/APPS to trust is a challenge,all students should carefully consider. While practice with
native speakers is an excellent way to develop practical communication skills, accelerated progress can be made in combination
with the guidance of a professional Mandarin teacher, to correct grammar, pronunciation and help overcome persistent mistakes.

While there are excellent individual teachers available via the Internet, and of course face to face, without the resources of
a professional organization, it is hard for these teachers to find time to constantly refresh their teaching materials, approach and
provide teaching on demand to multiple students. Teacher supervision and training ensures each teaching stage’s efficiency
is maximized and student progress is consistent.As an established academic training provider since 2005, MasterChina commits
to solving these issues for global learners to maximize the return on their time invested, in a transparent and cost-efficientmanner.

Benefits of Our Online Program

MasterChina’s online study program now enables us to
deliver every online student the same personalized,
thoroughly interactiveprogram that has been producing
superior results in our academy for the last decade.
While ensuring,we keep you motivated as you see your
progress during frequent interactions with your teacher,
practice partners and classmates.

Our professional teachers use our own teaching materials,
and syllabus, that has proven to be fully comprehensive and
critically effective in reducing the number of hours of
study needed to achieve a given level of proficiency.
All materials, including listening, speaking, reading and writing
exercises, are delivered through our free APP which is available
for iOS and Android powered handsets, as well as for PCs.

While we build the syllabus based on our own standard
textbooks, we recognize that every student is unique, and
as such your study material will be personally
selected (and updated) for you by your professional teacher.
Their selection is based on your specific needs,
interests and progress.

Unlike traditional online video and audio classes, our online
study program stresses constant interaction as the key to rapid
progress. Each learner keeps close contact with their personal
teacher, and practice partners, to ensure not only that they have
understood each new lesson but also to ensure that they can
combine their new and existing knowledge effectively.You can
talk directly to your teacher to get personal instruction anytime.
Your teacher will also measure your progress through regular
homework exercises, and standardized tests, which are
marked and sent back to you.

While your study is at your own convenience, you are also
enrolledin an online class based on both your timezone and
knowledge level. You can freely chat with other class
members and you, or your teacher, are able to share
examples and insights for the benefit of your whole class.

Although our online study program empowers students to study at
their own pace, towards own specific objectives, we maintain that,
based on students’ feedback, all programs are carefully monitored,
including the use of standardizedtests at key milestones.

We believe in the use of our own standardized tests to allow students (and organizations) to measure their progress. However, we also
encourage students to apply for Mandarin proficiency exams that are organized by the Chinese government, or their home countries.
For example, the HSK is the Chinese officially approved Mandarin examination accepted as an indicator of proficiency by many
Chinese (and global) universities and multinational companies. Some nations have set up their own Mandarin proficiency exams, like the AP test
in US and the Mandarin GCSE in UK.Some government public servant qualification entry examinations also require advanced Mandarin,
like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With our help, our students can usually quickly achieve the necessary level of proficiency, as in addition to
our excellent academic teaching, we are able to provide extra emphasis on exam technique to speed up preparation effectiveness.

How to enroll for our online course?

1) While we have tried to provide comprehensive information on our website, if you need more details, or clarification, please
    contact us directly at It is our pleasure to clarify any concern.

2) Maybe you are a complete beginner, or you have studied in the past and stalled.Perhaps you are already reasonably fluent,
    but looking to widen your vocabulary, or develop your knowledge of the latest words and phrases. Of maybe you are looking for
    a way to supplement ongoing study/training, or simply trying to find a way to fit lessons around your busy schedule. No matter
    your situation, we are able to provide a tailored solution just for you. We suggest, via one of various free internet
    based communication tools, an initial 20 to 30 minutes conversation will help us both decide if we are the right training provider
    for you. Please contact us at to arrange a mutually convenient time. Of course, if you prefer initially to
    deal via email, you can send details of your training requirements.

3) Based on our conversation, and with your consent, we will propose a comprehensive study plan, which explains our proposal
    of how best to meet your needs.

4) After your approval of the study plan, we will arrange a one month free trail for you, this will typically include listening,
    speaking, reading and writing tuition and practice, and will usually include 4 hours of one on one practice.

5) The comprehensive trial helps you to assess our teaching and operation. We hope we can win your trust and begin your
    learning journey on a strong foundation. Of course, if you feel MasterChina is not for you, you are under no obligation
    whatsoever and can simply walk away. If you do, we hope you will tell us why, so we can improve our service.

6) If you do want to proceed, your teaching formally starts when we receive your first monthly payment. You will receive
    study materials in your personal account and have free access to your teacher.

7) In order to monitor the progress, you will receive standardized tests during your study program. At the end of each stage of
    our syllabus, you will also have one comprehensive test.

8) We will issue a final assessment report at the end of each syllabus stage, and together discuss what action to take next.