How to Apply

Application Procedure

Our summer programs are available from June to August. We primarily deal with applications from February to May;
however you can contact us at any time to register your interest (especially if you have specific needs). A course can be run with
a minimum of 6 participants; with roughly the same level of Mandarin experience. A maximum of 10 participants can participate in
a class and if there is higher demand/a larger group, we can run multiple parallel lasses.

If you are interested in applying, please get in touch directly with: We will send you an application form. It includes information:

We will send you an application form. It includes information:
1) How long you would like to study for (2 weeks up to two months)
2) Your range of possible start dates.
3) Pure language course or language and long journey (or custom i.e. bolt on short trip to pure language course
    without accompanying guide or Mandarin teacher). Duration of long journey (7 to 14 days usually).
4) Special requirements: accommodation, dietary, other (specific destination preference for long journey).
5) Level of Mandarin competence.

Based on this, we will schedule a program for you provided we can satisfy our minimum course participant requirements.
No deposit is required until we can confirm a proposed course date start for you. After we can confirm a course date
then a deposit of 5% of the total will be payable with the balance one month before travel. If MasterChina subsequently has to cancel
a course, due to a withdrawal of one or more course participants, your deposit will be refunded in full.
If you cancel, your full deposit will be forfeit.


* Specific additional requirements will be priced separately.