How the Program Works

There are many advantages of studying Mandarin in China, not least the opportunity for students to test their growing skills
in everyday situations. However, at MasterChina, our summer program’s ambition is higher; we aim to provide all attendees a true
Chinese experience, allowing them to develop not only their language skills but also a thorough understanding of China’s people,
its society and evolving business culture.

Program Operation

From June to August every year, we provide two types of summer holiday programs: 1) Mandarin study program and
2) Mandarin study & final travel program.

Our Mandarin study programs last from two weeks to two months and include language and cultural study, as well as a range of
fun/instructional social activities in and around Shanghai (minimum two activities per week). These courses are intensive,
for those wishing to make rapid progress, with each weekday consisting of four hours of language tuition provided by
professional teachers. Tuition doesn’t stop there and course participants are able to interact with their teachers outside of
lecturers using the tools, study material and methods we have developed for our on-line Mandarin course.

Our standard study and travel program follows the same format, however in addition to the classroom study, and the activities in
and around Shanghai, at the conclusion of the classroom based instruction we include one or two weeks long journey which includes three of China’s most famous, and historic destinations (typically Beijing, Xi’An, Chengdu). Of course this is no ordinary tourist trip, our aim is to promote and facilitate interaction with locals, putting the long hours of study into practice to make the trip both immersive and instructive.

Program Content