Cultural Journey with Mandarin Instruction

Cultural Journey’s Aims

Confucius once said, “Learning is to read scores of books and to travel thousands of miles.” At MasterChina, we follow this wisdom by
offering not only Mandarin and cultural instruction but also cultural journeys through China, allowing our students to see for themselves
its unique culture up close; while continuing their Mandarin studies with an accompanying professional Mandarin teacher.

From 21st-centry metropolises to 1,000-year-old water towns, from the mighty terracotta army to a crew of naughty pandas,
from the peaceful West Lake in Hangzhou to the steep and majestic Mount Huangshan, from daily food markets to local community parks,
we open the nature, culture, tradition and economy of China through a full range of custom travel itineraries.

Operation Principles

At present, MasterChina offers cultural journeys, and short travel “bolt-ons” as options at the end of one of our Mandarin instruction
summer holiday programs. All journeys are tailored by MasterChina and reputable local professional travel agents that
are experienced in providing travel services to foreigners in China. Our aim is to demonstrate the real face of China and to create
ample opportunities to stay in, and interact with, local communities. As such, MasterChina always arranges a local tour guide as well
as a professional Mandarin teacher to accompany participants. As well as handling the usual logistics, our tour guides’ aim is to give
an up-close insight into the real lives of ordinary Chinese people, as well as explaining our history, legends and customs.
In addition, your guide will encourage travelers to taste authentic local food in small, friendly, family style restaurants; typically
overlooked by larger tour operators. The accompanying Mandarin teacher is there to continue instruction each day (flexibility to tailor
amount of daily tuition is provided on a trip by trip basis) as well as encourage/facilitating practice with locals during the journey.