Communication Skill Courses

Our online study follows the same curriculum used in our academy, which is divided into a Describe and Explain stage,
a Comment and Discuss stage and an Analyze and Argue stage.
Each stage is covered in a volume of our unique
Communication Chinese textbook series. Each stage has specific aims in terms of communication skill, including speaking, listening,
reading, and writing ability. Through a personal account, each student will receive tailored study material, and revision homework,
from their personal teacher. Besides online instruction, local spoken practice partners are ready to help each student improve their
practical communication skills. After understanding the level of proficiency students are currently at,
we tailor our all-inclusive tuition package accordingly.

Grammar Class

Using instructional videos, students learn Mandarin
grammar systematically, with the focus on understanding
the ‘why’ of grammar rules which are heavily influenced by
principles of Chinese logic. All explanations are brief,
concise and clear. In the Describe and Explain stage,
students gain confidence in creating precise expressions.
By the Comment and Discuss stage, students will
understand all essential rules of Chinese grammar.
In the Analyze and Argue stage, students will fully
understand the logic of the Chinese language and begin
communicating freely, and intuitively, in any situation.

Chinese Character and Reading Class

Focuses on recognizing characters and gradually improving
reading and writing comprehension; complementing the
three communication skill stages. Character reading and
writing is not introduced immediately as students will initially
learn to use Pinyin (official method to translate Chinese
characters into the Roman alphabet) so that they can begin
communicating immediately. Students can decide how much
focus they place on character study, since it is possible to
reach spoken fluency without learning Chinese characters.

Grammar Practice

Complementing each grammar class, Grammar Practice
helps deepen understanding of grammar and explains
frequently made mistakes. With over a decade of marking
student’s work, we know exactly what these are, and teach
you how to avoid them from the start.

Listening Practice

By listening to daily conversations, students develop their
practical communication skills. Student’s understanding
is tested by asking them to respond to
questions about each conversation.

Vocabulary Bank

New vocabulary is introduced and used in multiple contexts
to build a clear understanding of how it should be applied.
Students are challenged to translate more and more
complex sentences from English to Mandarin,
using their expanding vocabulary.

Media Resources

Provide constantly updated information about China
to demonstrate the language in action, create interesting
teaching exercises and deliver cultural instruction. Materials arez
drawn from multiple sources, including TV,
newspapers and social media.

Personal Teacher

The teacher of each class is available to its students seven
days a week. Students can send as many questions, and
exercises, as they like in written, spoken, audio and video
formats, using free social media tools which allow rich
interactivity. Our working hour are 8am - 11pm (China time)
and our aim is to provide feedback the same working day.
By limiting the number of students in a class
a quick turnaround is provided for all.

Students can also reach out to their classmates for help
as sometimes an alternative (student's) perspective is
the best way to overcome a learning obstacle.

One on One Communication Practice

Students practise communication with local spoken practice
partners for one hour every week. Practice partners
are arranged via your teacher and your assigned
practice partner debriefs your teacher after each lesson;
so they can work on any identified weaknesses.

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