Class Management

Instruction in Classes

MasterChina has developed a unique system based around a practical understanding, and application, of Chinese grammar.
Our grammar instruction concentrates on know-why, as opposed to know-how, so that students can understand the logic of sentences,
borne out of Chinese logic, and hence create their own expressions freely. As their skill builds, they can instinctively use the correct
sentence structure, even if it is quite different to English. Consequently, our students can
eliminate many common mistakes made by those from other schools.

Our teachers also realize how accuracy of vocabulary translation makes it much easier for students to understand how to apply that
vocabulary effectively. Besides editing tailored study materials for our students, our teachers also pay specific attention to encouraging
our students to create their own expressions, make class presentations and become comfortable being questioned by other students.
Interaction is always stressed. As all classes in MasterChina are small, teachers can pay sufficient attention to each student’s needs,
giving all class members specific timely feedback, so that mistakes are corrected before they can become bad habits.

Support after Class

All students can get constant support from their teachers outside of their classes.
If a student gets confused by homework or has a specific question, through
use of social media tools, their teacher can rapidly give a detailed explanation;
with no need to wait for the next class.

Our students can also leverage our on-line program content, for example
vocabulary bank or character practice to reinforce, and deepen,
their in-class learning.

To improve practical communication skills, we also arrange spoken practice partners for
all students. All practice partners know their student’s current level of proficiency and
hence they can ensure the conversation makes use of familiar expressions and grammar.

Study Assessment

The usual assessments in MasterChina includes homework, essays, mid-stage exams and final exams for each stage.
All exams have listening, reading, grammar and speaking elements to holistically test students’ practical communication skills.
As such a traditional written test paper score is not the only assessment standard used in MasterChina.

Students are encouraged to attend HSK (official Chinese language assessment exam run by the National Chinese Education
Department) exams if that is important to them, and we specifically prepare our students to use effective exam technique to
help them achieve the best possible score; as quickly as possible. While the use of exam technique may seem at odds with our
guiding principle of developing practical communication skills, we of course recognize the necessity of achieving a specific HSK level
as quickly as possible for some students to achieve their objectives. On average, fifty hours of study in MasterChina will bring
the same progress as one semester of full time university study.