About Online Study

There are so many online Mandarin courses, why should I select MasterChina?

You are right to think carefully before selecting a Mandarin course provider. Hopefully our Website has outlined ample reasons, why
MasterChina is a good choice. In summary, our method is effective and our offer very clear. However, these things
are easy to say, so that is why we provide the most comprehensive, no obligation, trial you have seen advertised. Use a full month’s
teaching to make your own mind up, and remember even if you decide to join us, you are free to leave at any time.
The effectiveness of our teaching and operations, demonstrated through the rapid progress you will make is, how we retain
customers; not contractual lock-in.

What is the procedure to join your online course?

The procedure is outlined in detail in the “HOW CAN WE HELP” section at bottom of each web page. Either you are an individual
or organization, you can find clear instruction. Contacting us directly is the easiest way to get advice, of course!

How does your online subscription service work?

MasterChina’s online communication Chinese course uses a very simple subscription model. Students pay monthly, in advance,
for access to a teacher (anytime), as well as all of the customized teaching materials needed to progress. Also included in the
monthly fee are four hours of one on one practice with a local and assessments as required. If students decide not to continue with
their studies, they simply give notice during the month and can walk away with no more to pay. No partial monthly refunds will be
issued. Full details are found in our “Terms of Use” section.

What do you mean by tailoring the course to my unique needs?

Quite simply we will select material, including bespoke exercises, to help you overcome problems on your learning journey.
While the majority of materials are standardized for beginners, as students become more advanced, we will tend to vary
the teaching material more to best match their personal objectives.

What can I expect to cover in the trial month to help me decide to join?

First, you will have chance to experience our comprehensive online training, including listening, speaking, reading and writing.
There are few providers do all these on Internet. We wish to share our rich experience in the academy with global learners.
Secondly, besides the standardized grammar classes in your personal account of our free App , we arrange professional teachers to
give online constant instruction 365 days a year. You also will get your local speaking partner to practice what you learned in online
classes. In the end, you will get a test to assess your progress. As we understand the weakness of general online study, we tailor
these innovative operation for all learners. You will enjoy real progress after the trial month. That’s our wish too.

I see online students are allocated to a class, why is that?

Students have a unique perspective which can inform other students who may be struggling to understand concepts that other
class members have just grasped. MasterChina students can share their tips, and request advice, from other students in their class.
In addition, we run class activities, like fastest answer competitions. We believe being part of a class brings a social dimension to
your studies which helps students to feel a sense of community. A community can be a powerful motivator when we, naturally,
hit a low on our learning journey. Our teachers moderate the class discussion to ensure
the discussion is technically accurate and appropriate.

What tools do you use for one to one practice sessions?

A variety of options are available. All are free of charge, provided you have access to a broadband internet connection.

Why aren’t my one to one lessons with my Mandarin teacher?

This is our special arrangement. Because teachers and practice partners play different roles in online study. Teachers focus on explaining
grammars and practice partners help strengthen and test learners’ understanding. They work together to effectively support learners.

I have my own teacher in my own country, is it still useful to join MasterChina’s
online course and do you have a tailored package for this case?

We believe so, why not give our trial a go and decide for yourself? In general, the more you study, and practice, the faster your
progress will be. As our academic team bases in China, our study materials are updated regularly to catch up with the latest trend
in China. We do believe these information should be quite valuable for abroad learners. Also, all our practice partners are locals living in
China. They are willing to share our society with you. All these services can work as supplement of your study in your home country.

We offer specific packages for HSK preparation and also you can take one on one lessons with one of our professional teachers,
without enrolling into our communication Chinese course. In these lessons, you dictate the content, and can even
provide your own study materials.

I’m concerned that the time difference between China and my location may make
it difficult to contact my teacher and schedule one to one lessons?

You can contact your teacher anything by using social media tools and your class teacher will endeavour to respond the same day (working
day in China is Monday to Friday). Due to the time difference between China and your location, it may be that it is the next day before you
get a response. The form of that response may be written, a recording or an invite to discuss. When you begin studying with MasterChina,
you are enrolled into a class. Each class has a dedicated teacher and the teacher’s time is split among the limited number of students in
their class. This means we really do have to add more and more teachers as our student base expands; but, in this way, we ensure that
you always get a timely response. In reality, classes have more than one teacher so you can ask questions 365 days a year.

One and one lessons do have some restrictions due to the time zone difference between your location and China.
However, we have lessons available 7 days a week and can also split each hour lesson into several shorter durationto provide as much
flexibility as we can (for example, 30 minutes during your lunch break). One of the motivations for our month-long trial is for you to ensure
that our teaching works with your schedule.

You seem to offer a very generous trial period compared to other providers,
is there really no catch or obligation?

There really is no obligation, we want you to experience our method and feel comfortable with our operation. Our desire is for a long-term
relationship, so the trial is a great way for both of us to get to know each other.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All payments are processed using PayPal for your piece of mind. Our preferred currency is the USD. If you prefer to use some other
payment method, or payment currency please contact us to discuss.