About General Management

Are your operations based solely in China?

Our operations are based in Shanghai where we have accumulated our academic resource for over ten years. We do have
some members of the team based in the UK.

Where can I find the latest information about MasterChina?

Please subscribe to our Facebook page to keep up to date.

I’ve got suggestions how you could improve your service,
are you willing to listen?

Of course, we actively encourage our students to give feedback on how we can improve. If, with your advice, we improve
our service greatly, we will reward one month study time.

I’ve got some additional questions can I talk to someone?

Of course, just contact us via info@masterchina.com and we will arrange a direct discussion if we can’t clear up your enquiry via email.

Where can I read the small print?

Please see the “Term of Use of MasterChina” section. If there is something that worries you, please let us know.
Our aim is to offer a simple, fair and mutually beneficial approach.