About Course Package

I’m a corporate customer.Can I expect a discount/custom package if I enroll
multiple students?

Of course, for large customers, we can create a custom offer and pricing. MasterChina has over a decade of experience serving
corporate customers in Shanghai, hence we are very used to the requirements of corporate customers.

I like the sound of your approach,but your packages don’t quite match my needs.
What should I do?

Please get in touch, we are happy to try to accommodate your needs. One of our strengths is the ability of our operations to support
customization for multiple customers and organizations. In any case, our “standard” offering is highly customized for
individual students; depending on their needs and learning objectives.

I’ve already been learning Mandarin for a while, do you cater for me too?

Yes, we can.We first need to assess your level and then we can advise a suitable program. We have helped many advanced students
to achieve their further aims.

I prefer not to do one to one practice with local practice partner as I’m
nervous/self-conscience, is that possible?

We firmly believe in the power of one to one practice lessons to develop your practical communication skills. That’s why we specially
create this operation. This is a great opportunity for you to test out your new knowledge with a local, as well as understand
locals’ thinking and update sense of modern China. All these experience should be very helpful in your study journey.

All practice partners are carefully chose by MasterChina. They all have passion in helping others to understand China. They have got
the training before starting working. They know how to encourage learners to express themselves, with proper assist.
Different from other providers or individuals on Internet, our practice partners will debrief your teacher, after each session, so they
can quickly address any weaknesses identified.

I’m already fluent in Mandarin. Do you offer anything for me?

Yes, we have a range of advanced courses, but of course, fluency can mean many things. If you are an advanced student,
please get in touch if you have specific needs.

I only want to learn to read/write Chinese Characters is that possible?

Yes. In MasterChina, we regard the Chinese Characters course as the elementary part for reading comprehension course. It means
you start to read some text from very beginning, rather than learn individual characters. This approach has been proved more effective
than other solutions. Due to this unique operation, we suggest you have already understood some basic grammars before
learning characters. Please contact us to get more advice.

How can I measure my progress?

You can very easily see your progress with MasterChina. Not only are their regular assessments, but in your weekly one on one practice
sessions.You will quickly be able to feel your progress, as you gain confidence in expressing your opinions in Mandarin. We also
encourage (and support) our students to take external qualifications; for example, the HSK (China’s officially recognized
language proficiency exam) which is available in 120 countries.

What is the HSK?

The HSK or Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (Chinese language standard exam) is a series of 6 exams which measure Mandarin proficiency for
foreigners i.e. the Chinese equivalent of TOEFL. The exam is accepted by universities and employers inside China and can be taken around
the world in 120 countries. Try typing HSK exam into your preferred search engine to learn much more.

I’m studying for my own country’s exam qualification (for example in the UK GCSE
and a specific exam board) with its own syllabus. How can you help me?

We are happy to tailor a course for your specific exam syllabus. Please approach us with your syllabus and
we will create a package for you (see pricing section).

Do you teach any specific dialect of Chinese, like Cantonise?

Sorry, we focus on Mandarin, including listening, reading and writing. Although, like in any country, there are different “regional” languages
spoken in China, Mandarin is China’s official language and for most foreigners is the natural choice.

Do you operate loyalty or referral programs?

We do operate a simple referral program. Refer a friend and if they enrol in our communication Chinese course then we will credit 50% of
their first month payment to your account. You are free to refer as many friends as you like. You can only refer a friend once you
are a paying subscriber of our service.