About Chinese Culture Study

You seem to place a lot of emphasis on understanding Chinese culture,
is it necessary to learn Mandarin?

We believe it is. Mandarin has a reputation as a difficult language to learn. Our system helps our students rapidly understand the role
taht Chinese culture and logic have on the structure of the language and the way Chinese people talk. This helps them to gain a “feel”
for the language much faster, in our experience, than using other methods without a strong cultural component.

What are the advantages of learning Chinese culture (as distinct to Mandarin)?

For those interested in doing business, or simply travelling in China, an appreciation of the impact that Chinese culture has on
the way people act can be very valuable and helps explain some situations which could well perplex the uninitiated.

Are your summer programs aimed at students or can anyone join
(working/previous Mandarin experience)?

Our summer programs are open to all. Please get in touch if you are interested and we can answer any specific questions.
We are happy to run summer programs for our online customers and even if you are just passing through Shanghai feel free to say hi!
Our customers are part of the MasterChina community, so if you have any questions about China just ask, we can’t promise to help,
but we will try our best!

I want to learn to deal more effectively with Chinese business partners,
can you help me?

Please get in touch and we are happy to see if we can help. MasterChina has many expat customers in China, working across a vast
array of industries. Chances are we may be able to help you, or at least put you in touch with
someone who can with relevant experience.