MasterChina Values

Our aim is that all of our students can express their own opinions in Chinese freely, precisely and confidently.
We commit to reducing the number of hours of study needed to achieve a given level of proficiency.
Our commit to continuously bring all of our students the freshest study resources reflecting the rapid pace of changes in China.
We believe that every online student deserves the personalized, professional, thoroughly interactive instruction anytime and anywhere.


Online Study

To offer effective Chinese study to students
all around the world, MasterChina has
developed a unique online platform that
integrates listening, speaking, reading and
writing practice, as well as close interaction
with professional teachers.


In-School Study

By breaking away from traditional
repetition based training, MasterChina has
created its own unique training system, and
methodology, to improve the efficiency of
students’ study while helping them to
rapidly develop practical communication skills.

Cultural Studies

We believe that fluent communication is more readily achieved by understanding the logic of native speakers’ thinking, which is shaped by China’s
history and tradition in so many diverse ways. Thus, each Mandarin course in MasterChina not only teaches points of grammar, and vocabulary,
but also integrates relevant cultural insights to speed up understanding. more  +


Summer Holiday Program

We provide all attendees a true Chinese
experience allowing them to develop not only
their language skills but also a thorough
understanding of China’s people, its society
and evolving business culture.


Chinese Cultural Journey

Confucius once said, “Learning is to read
scores of books and to travel thousands of
miles.” MasterChina follows this wisdom
by offering cultural journeys through China,
allowing our students to seefor themselves its
unique culture up close.